Centrally Scheduled Meeting Rooms

Rooms can be scheduled using the room calendar in Microsoft Exchange through Microsoft Outlook. Please see the instructions below.

Please be aware that perimeter seating varies with the number of chairs in the room at the time. It is recommended that you visit the room beforehand or arrive early so that accommodations can be verified for groups larger than the table setting.

If you have any questions, please contact John "JW" Wright at (573) 341-4864 or wrightjo@mst.edu.

Scheduling a Room

All Missouri S&T faculty and staff may reserve these rooms by following the procedures below:

  1. Start a meeting invitation in YOUR PERSONAL OR A DELEGATED CALENDAR (very important, see below for more instructions).
  2. Open the Scheduling Assistant view
  3. At the bottom left of the window, open "Location". You must use this button, do not use the "Room Finder" button to the right.
  4. Select the room that you would like to reserve (note: All S&T Shared Meeting Rooms begin with the "S&T Shared ...")
  5. Once added, you will see it in the list of attendees in the Scheduling Assistant view, it has invited the room as an attendee.
  6. In this view, you are able to see the room availability (free/busy); you may only schedule the room for a time when the room is shown as free
  7. After sending the meeting invitation, you will receive an accepted or denied confirmation from that room calendar. If the room was shown as free for the time that you scheduled, you will automatically be sent an acceptance notification. If the room was busy (or already scheduled) during the time you selected, you will receive a declined notice. 

Scheduling KioskS

A select number of these rooms have been equipped with a scheduling kiosk located outside each room. These displays show whether the room is free (shows green lights) or busy (shows red lights), but are also interactive.

If you have any questions regarding scheduling of these meeting rooms, please contact Design & Construction Management.

Shared Meeting Rooms Listing

It is important to understand that the room is just another attendee to the meeting and its only intelligence is to say that it has been accepted if there are no conflicts or to decline if there is no end date or there is a conflict with any other meetings. If there is a conflict on a reoccurring meeting anywhere along the line, it will decline the whole series.

 As an attendee (the room), if it declines, the meeting will still show scheduled from the calendar from which it was initially set, but the room will show that it has declined to attend and the meeting will NOT show up on the room calendar. It is important to understand in this scenario the room is not reserved for the meeting. Fixing this will involve locating the conflict from the decline notice and either having the conflicting meeting moved by the person who owns it or rescheduling your meeting. Until you receive the acceptance notification from the room, do not assume it is reserved for your meeting. It would also be wise to double-check the room calendar to make sure it shows your meeting.

From the main Outlook Calendar View:

Select File->Account Settings->Delegate Access

If there are currently no delegates at least one will need to be added. Select the Add button and find the person you want to add from the U of M Global list.

Then below the list of delegates, select the 'My delegates and Me' so that any meeting notifications are sent to your delegates and yourself.

Press 'OK' to accept the changes.


From the main Outlook Calendar Page

On the Home Ribbon select 'Open Calendar->Create a New Blank Calendar"

Give the Calendar a name like "Shared Rooms for Groups"

If you want it to be under a different calendar group, you can select that here

Press 'OK' to accept the changes and the new calendar will be available on the calendars list on the left.

From the main Outlook Calendar view right-click and the Shared Calendars->Add Calendar-From Room List

Select the room from the Shared Rooms available. These will be in the format 'S&T Shared (room name)'

Once selected - press 'OK' and the room will appear in your calendar list on the left and you will be able to check it to display it in your calendar views.

In order to schedule a meeting for another person and NOT have it show up on your calendar, you must be given access to that person's calendar as a delegate. In order to receive the email confirmation/decline, the person's calendar you are using must have given the option to have notifications sent to you. Please see "Setting Up Delegate Access With Notifications" in this section.

To schedule a meeting for another group who are not staff and NOT have it show up on your calendar, you must create a second calendar in your personal calendars that will be used to only schedule these types of meetings. This will ensure you get the acceptance/decline notice for that group. Please see "Setting Up A Second Calendar For Non-Staff Groups"

Setting up a Shared Conference Room Meeting