Current Building List

A list of building names, codes and addresses can be accessed by clicking on the link below. The list is sortable; click on the desired header to resort the list. A user id and password are required to access this query.

Current Building List

If you have any problems accessing the plans or need further assistance, please contact:

John "JW" Wright
Missouri S&T Space Management


Building Floor Plans - PDF

Floor plans can be downloaded and viewed in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader). Buildings which have multiple floors will have a multipage PDF document, with one page for each floor.

1606 Rolla (Lovett) T-36 (1606 Rolla St.): R0114.pdf

4 Fraternity Drive Building (4 Fraternity Dr.): R0183.pdf

605 West 11th St. Building (605 W. 11th St.): R0193.pdf

710 University Drive Building (710 University Dr.): R0030.pdf

Allgood-Bailey Stadium (903 W. 10th St.): R0801.pdf

Altman Hall (905 N. State St.): R0041.pdf

Annex - 605 West 11 St. (605 W. 11th St.): R0223.pdf

Athletic East Field Storage Shed: R0134.pdf

Athletic West Field Storage Shed: R0127.pdf

Auxiliary Services Building (901 East 18th St.): R0022.pdf

Bleachers Shed: R0097.pdf

Buehler Hall (207 W. 9th St.): R0199.pdf

Bureau of Mines Bldg # 1 (1300 N. Bishop Ave.): R0156.pdf

Bureau of Mines Bldg # 2 (651 W. 13th St.): R0157.pdf

Bureau of Mines Bldg # 3 (641 W. 13th St.): R0158.pdf

Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Hall (1401 N. Pine St.): R0002.pdf

Campus Housing and Dining Services (205 W. 12th St.): R0152.pdf

Campus Support Facility (1201 N. State St.): R0150.pdf

Castleman Hall (400 W. 10th St.): R0141.pdf

Centennial Hall (300 W. 12th St.): R0057.pdf

Compressible Flow Laboratory (1001 Collegiate Blvd.): R0052.pdf

Computer Science Building (500 W. 15th St.): R0055.pdf

Concession and Restroom: R0167.pdf

Curtis Laws Wilson Library (400 W. 14th St.): R0091.pdf

Custodial & Landscape Services Building (101 W. 12th St.): R0033.pdf

East Field Dugout #1: R0132.pdf

East Field Dugout #2: R0133.pdf

Emerson Hall (301 W. 16th St.): R0003.pdf

Energetic Explosives Research Facility:

Engineering Management Building (600 W. 14th St.): R0139.pdf

Engineering Research Laboratory Building (500 W. 16th St.): R0056.pdf

Farrar Hall (620 W. 9th St.): R0043.pdf

Fraternity Intramurals Restrooms: R0142.pdf

Fulton Hall (301 W. 14th St.): R0004.pdf

Gale Bullman Building (705 W. 10th St.): R0093.pdf

General Services Building (901 Facilities Ave.): R0005.pdf

Golf Pro Shop (1051 W. 10th St.): R0094.pdf

Golf Shop Storage (1053 W. 10th St.): R0119.pdf

Harris Hall (500 W. 13th St.): R0006.pdf

Hasselmann Alumni House (11th & Pine): R0192.pdf

Havener Center (1346 N. Bishop): R0012.pdf

Humanities and Social Sciences Building (500 W. 14th St.): R0053.pdf

Hy Point Building (4000 Enterprise Dr.): R0020.pdf

Interdisciplinary Engineering Building (1215 N. Pine St.): R0013.pdf

Jackling Field Restrooms: R0120.pdf

Jackling Field Athletic Dressing Facility: R0098.pdf

James E. Bertelsmeyer Hall (1101 N. State St.): R0172.pdf

Kennedy Experimental Mine Building  (12352 Private Drive 7002): R0217.pdf

Kummer Student Design Center (1051 North Bishop Ave.): R0059.pdf

Little Oaks Building: R0231.pdf

Maintenance #1: R0109.pdf

Maintenance #2: R0111.pdf

Miner Dome Indoor Practice Facility (801 W. 10th St.): R0039.pdf

Miner Village Building # 1 (820 Collegiate Blvd.): R0176.pdf

Miner Village Building # 2 (810 Collegiate Blvd.): R0177.pdf

Miner Village Building # 3 (808 Collegiate Blvd.): R0178.pdf

Miner Village Building # 4 (906 Collegiate Blvd.): R0179.pdf

Miner Village Building # 5 (904 Collegiate Blvd.): R0180.pdf

Miner Village Club House (900 Collegiate Blvd.): R0175.pdf

Mucking Storage Building: R0083.pdf

Norwood Hall (320 W. 12th St.): R0010.pdf

Parker Hall (300 W. 13th St.): R0014.pdf

PCRMC Annex Building R0226.pdf

Physics Building (1315 N. Pine St.): R0015.pdf

Pine Building (1304 N. Pine St.): R0166.pdf

Residential Commons 1 (700 University Dr.): R0031.pdf

Residential Commons 2 (1575 Watts Dr.): R0032.pdf

Rock Mechanics & Explosives Research Center (1006 Kingshighway): R0101.pdf

Rolla Building (400 W. 12th St.): R0016.pdf

Rolla Suites South Building # 1 (1102 N. Rolla St.): R0229.pdf

Rolla Suites North Building # 2 (1104 N. Rolla St.): R0230.pdf

Sally North Hall (604 N. Elm St.): R0200.pdf

Sally South Hall (600 N. Elm St.): R0201.pdf

Schrenk Hall (400 W. 11th St.): R0001.pdf

Solar House # 1 (2002) (808B W. 10th St.): R0168.pdf

Solar House # 2 (2005) (808A W. 10th St.): R0138.pdf

Solar House # 3 (2007) (810A W. 10th St.): R0136.pdf

Solar House # 4 (2009) (810B W. 10th St.): R0035.pdf

Solar House # 5 (2013) (910 Innovation Drive): Floorplans not yet available

Solar House # 6 (2015) The Nest House (912 Innovation Drive): Floorplans not yet available

South Central Regional Professsional Development Center (800 University Dr.): R0047.pdf

Southwestern Bell Cultural Center (1207 N. Elm St.): R0159.pdf

State Hall (805 N. State St.): R0202.pdf

Straumanis-James Hall (401 W. 16th St.): R0088.pdf

Student Diversity Initiatives Center: R0193.pdf

Student Diversity Initiatives Annex: R0223.pdf

Student Health Complex (910 West 10th St.): R0034.pdf

Student Recreation & Intramural Center (705 West 10th St.): R0155.pdf

Technology Development Center (900 Innovation Dr.): R0036.pdf

Temporary Facility A (1200 N. Pine St.): R0164.pdf

Temporary Research Facility (909 Facilities Ave.): R0089.pdf

Thomas Jefferson Residence Hall North (202 W. 18th St.): R0106.pdf

Thomas Jefferson Residence Hall South (202 W. 18th St.): R0115.pdf

Ticket Booth: R0096.pdf

Toomey Hall (400 W. 13th St.): R0040.pdf

Transit Depot (851 Collegiate Blvd.): R0038.pdf

University Commons (850 University Dr.): R0210.pdf

V.H. McNutt Hall (1400 N. Bishop Ave.): R0135.pdf

West Field Dugout #1: R0128.pdf

West Field Dugout #2: R0129.pdf