Policy Memorandum III-32

Date of Current Revision: January 1, 2008
Date of Original Issue: July 1, 2007
Originally Issued By: John F. Carney III

Improvements to or Modifications of any University Facilities

Physical Facilities is responsible for assuring that all construction, renovations or rehabilitation efforts comply with all applicable laws, building codes, university system standards, regulations and labor agreements. Consequently, such projects must be coordinated by Physical Facilities as they are held accountable for compliance requirements.

The following are examples of types of work requiring coordination with Physical Facilities:

  • Altering, extending or connecting to the interior or exterior of a building;
  • Improving building interior spaces, i.e., painting, flooring or carpet, wall and ceiling construction, wall coverings, cabinetry, blinds, drapery;
  • Modifications to any building's utilities systems including, but not limited to, the installation of electrical outlets, HVAC systems, computer/telephone cabling, plumbing, and replacement/modifications of any building equipment;
  • Building new facilities, adding on to or altering the exterior of existing facilities;
  • Connecting, disconnecting, capping or otherwise modifying any building systems;
  • Acquisition of major equipment that will require utility support and/or special floor loading;
  • Disturbing any items suspected or known to contain asbestos or lead.

Note: Physical Facilities is required by the State of Missouri to monitor and maintain items containing hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos and only licensed personnel are permitted to determine the proper method to move or disturb such items. Only Physical Facilities can contract with a licensed contractor to safely abate said materials following all State guidelines established by the Missouri Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and enforced by Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

If the department desires to initiate a project as described above, they should do so by contacting the Engineering Services/Construction Management, department of Physical Facilities. They can do this by phone, email or through our work order system that is available through our web site located at http://phyfac.mst.edu. During this process, the department will be responsible for identifying the project funding and appropriate approvals.

Effective Date: Immediately

Responsibility: Physical Facilities

Basis: Labor Agreements

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