Space Planning and Management

Space Planning & Management at Missouri S&T is responsible for tracking assignment and utilization of space on campus. Using this data, S&T is able to monitor and make adjustments to space utilization. Periodically, Space Management performs space surveys by reaching out to campus faculty and staff to verify the information we have is accurate.

Floorplans of campus buildings are provided on our website.

Space Policies, Guidelines, & Space Request Form

Space Policies, Guidelines, & Space Request Form have been established to assist in the process of allocating and reallocating space. These are referenced before assignment and during the design process to ensure the appropriate amount of space is assigned for the function and utilization the space will have.


Space policies define policies for allocation and the procedures for requesting space on campus.


In addition to applicable building codes and operational considerations, these Space Guidelines are used in both renovation and new construction design.

Request Form

To request additional space on campus, complete the space request form. The form will then be presented to the Space Committee for consideration.

Shared Meeting Rooms

Some rooms at S&T are shared and can be scheduled by any employee. Visit the Meeting Rooms page for more information on these rooms.

Space Committee

The Space Committee is authorized and established by the Chancellor. It is responsible for evaluating requests for space, and for recommending to the Chancellor all changes in assignment of classroom, offices, laboratories and research facilities. The committee is also charged with the responsibility of initiating studies designed to further improve the utilization of on-campus facilities.

The Committe is comprised of the following members:

  • Cuba Plain, Interim Vice Chancellor, Finance and Operations
  • Ted Ruth, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services
  • Joan Nesbitt, Vice Chancellor, University Advancement
  • Richard Wlezien, Vice Provost and Dean, College of Engineering and Computing
  • Stephen P. Roberts, Vice Provost and Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Business
  • Dan Uetrecht, CIO, Chief Information Officer
  • Bih-Ru Lea, Director, Center for ERP; Facility Planning Committee Representative
  • Kelvin Erickson, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Jim Murphy, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students
  • Deanne Jackson, Registrar
  • Kris Swienson, Professor, English & Technical Communications

Campus Layout and Space Planning Open Forum

On April 27 and May 11, 2014, Vice Chancellor Walter Branson hosted an open forum to discuss the campus layout and space planning initiatives at Missouri S&T. These initiatives are a response to the 2014 Campus Master Plan and will help S&T align the Master Plan with the Strategic Plan, align the Capital Plan with the Master Plan and Strategic Plan, and right size and reprogram space to meet the needs of campus.

Presentation from Campus Layout and Space Planning Open Forums

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