Space Request Form

This form may only be submitted by a department or division head

Design & Construction Management - Space Planning & Management (DCM-SPM)

Policy: All requests for new space or a change in how space is allocated between colleges or other major administrative units must be forwarded to DCM-SPM for analysis and processing through the Space Committee. 


Requesting Department:


Please contact DCM-SPM if you need floor plans or assistance completing this form. E-mail:

A. Space will be used for:

Instruction Research Support Storage Administration

B. Space will be used by:

Faculty Staff RA/GRA TA/GTA Students

C. Is this request a result of additional staff/faculty positions already approved by Administration?

Yes No

D. If yes, provide the name and title of that Administrator

E. Have you identified a suitable location for this new space that may be available?

Yes No

F. If yes, please describe, using building name & room numbers or attach drawing/floor plans/diagrams

G. Will you be vacating your current space?

Yes No

H. Will there need to be any remodeling or enhancements to accommodate your proposed use?

Yes No

I. If yes, please briefly describe these changes (if more space is needed you may attach additional pages)

J. Please briefly describe how the space will be used as well as why new/additional space is needed (you may attach drawings/floor plans/diagrams)

K. Please briefly describe any special requirements for this space including the need for proximity to other facilities (If more space is needed, you may attach additional pages)

L. Date Needed Length of time needed
M. Granted funded? Granting Agency: Grant Dates:
Yes No

N. Do you have funding available to commit to relocation?

Yes No

O. Are special parking arrangements desired as part of this request?

Yes No