Measurement Tool Tutorial

Because all of our drawings are exported to scale, you can measure room dimensions and area using Adobe Acrobat Professional and the PDF floor plan documents we make available for nearly every building on campus. Adobe Acrobat Professional is available to Faculty and Staff at no cost by calling the IT helpdesk at 341-4357. Follow the simple steps below to retrieve the measurements you need.

  1. Save the PDF file and open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro

    Open your desired drawing in your browser and click the save disk on the bottom pop-up dialogue and then choose a location to save your file. Once you have saved your file, you can then open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro (or Adobe Acrobat X, or XI).

    measurement save

  2. Open the measuring tool

    You can access the measuring tool by clicking on View>Tools>Analyze (you can then select Measuring Tool on the sidebar to the right).

    tutorial analyze

    measure tool

  3. Select which measurement type to use

    There are three types of measurements you can take: distance (point to point), perimeter (several points connected), or area.

  4. Pick the start and end point you wish to measure

    Choose the start and end point and then click a third time to select where you would like the dimension to appear on the drawing.